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Topsoil/Premium Quality Loam – $45.00/yd + TAX

Pre-screened – no sticks, stones or waste. 33% Organic Matter with a Clay Base or Sandy Base, for better drainage.


Business Card (3.5 in x 2 in) to demonstrate scale

1-1/2″ Brown stone – $140.00/yd + TAX

1” White – $90.00/yd + TAX

3/4″ Sparkle – $100.00/yd + TAX

3/4” Ice Blue – $80.00/yd + TAX

1-1/2” Natural Round – $140.00/yd + TAX

Also Known as river rock. Rounded rocks, no sharp edges best and most comfortable to walk on.

1-1/2” Red Blend – $105.00/yd + TAX

Also known as red slate.

3/4” Trap Rock – $50.00/yd + TAX

Crushed stones that pack well due to their ridged edges.

3/8” Salt and Pepper – $60.00/yd + TAX

Also known as pea stone.

3/4” Salt and Pepper – $55.00/yd + TAX

1-1/2” Salt and Pepper – $55.00/yd + TAX

3/4″ Hampshire Burgundy – $100.00/yd+TAX


Stone Dust – $55.00/yd + TAX

Great for driveways, the final layer under a patio or structure, packs down the best to provide a flat surface.

Mason Sand – $60.00/yd + TAX

Resembles beach sand, very clean and pleasing to the eye therefore, it can be used in a multitude of ways around the house and projects. Sand boxes are a popular use.

Compost – $45.00/yd + TAX

(1 ½” minus) Hard Pack – $30.00/yd + TAX

**Images are not a perfect representation of product displayed, Please always come into our yard and see the product for yourself before you make your decision**